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7-day Itinerary Exploring the Greek Islands of the Dodecanese 

Day 1  Embarkation Bodrum

Day 2  Bodrum - Kos

Day 3  Kos - Leros

Day 4  Leros - Patmos

Day 5  Patmos - Kalymnos

Day 6  Kaymnos - Kos

Day 7  Kos - Bodrum

Day 8  Disembarkation Bodrum

Day 1: Embarkation Bodrum

Welcome on board and meeting with crew. You will have a dinner and spend the first night at the Marina of Bodrum. Stay overnight in Bodrum.

Day 2: Bodrum - Kos

After breakfast in the yacht sailing to Kos, one of the best-known healing centers (Asclepion) of the ancient world, and the birthplace of Hippocrates, the father of medicine. Health seekers from the entire Eastern Mediterranean used to be treated at Kos. After lunch on board, you have opportunity to see Asclepion, castle and museum. Choice of swimming in the warm waters of Empros thermal baths on the south coast or in a nearest beach to the center. Dinner and overnight on board in the Harbor of Kos.

Day 3: Kos - Leros

After the breakfast, cruise to the beautiful island of Leros. A mountainous, green island with high cliffs and many small bays and villages, Leros is a popular holiday resort which still keeps most of its genuine atmosphere. One of the reasons for that, the island is not too dependent on tourism. Many of the buildings on the island are built in Italian style, but you will also find those typical Greek little white houses with blue doors and windows. Dinner and overnight on board in the Leros Marina.

Day 4: Leros - Patmos

Cruising to Patmos Island. Patmos is not a big island, but it is one of the best-knowns. It was the place where St. John had his vision and wrote the apocalypse, and this is why Patmos is sometimes called "The Jerusalem of the Aegean". The Monastery of St. Johns towers above the capital, Chora, and the whole island breathes of faith and devotion. According to mythology, Patmos was a present from Zeus to his daughter Artemis, goddess of hunting and young women. She was worshipped here in antiquity, and the monastery of St. John was built on her temple. After breakfast you may have a walk through the monasteries. Overnight and dinner in to Patmos Harbor.

Day 5: Patmos - Kalymnos

After breakfast, departure to Kalymnos which is a part of the Dodecanese and is lying between the islands of Kos and Leros. It is an attractive island with a population of 12000 inhabitants, which mostly live in the capital and main port. Kalymnos is famous for its sponge fishing industry. Dinner and overnight on the board in the Kalymnos Marina. Day 6: Kaymnos - Kos After breakfast departure back to Kos. Dinner and overnight on the board in the Kos Marina.

Day 7: Kos - Bodrum

After breakfast, departure back to Turkey to Bodrum Marina. You may visit castle in here. It was built by Rhodes Knights and it is turned into one of the greatest underwater archeology museum of the world. Dinner and overnight on board.

Day 8: Disembarkation Bodrum

After breakfast on board, the guests disembark in Bodrum Harbour. 

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