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7 day Itinerary Bodrum - Bodrum including Gökova

Day 1  Embarkation Bodrum

Day 2  Bodrum - Knidos - Mersincik

Day 3  Mersincik - Seven Islands

Day 4  Seven Islands - Tuzla - Kargili

Day 5  Kargili - Cleopatra Island - Karacasogut

Day 6  Karacasogut - Cokertme - Kissebükkü

Day 7  Kissebükkü -  Orak Island

Day 8  Disembarkation in Bodrum

Day 1 Embarkation in Bodrum

Embarkation in Bodrum harbor around 4 pm with welcome meeting and introduction to the crew. If you come early, we can store your luggage and then you can visit the various sites in Bodrum including in particular the Museum of Underwater Archaeology located in the Castle of Saint Peter. Cruise to a nearby bay for swimming, snorkeling and overnight.

Day 2 Bodrum - Mersincik Bay

Sail to Knidos to explore the many ancient ruins which remain from this former Dorian capital, a famous port and medical center in antiquity. Knidos was a large port with one harbor facing the Aegean and one south opening to the Mediterranean. The harbour has excellent waters for swimming and snorkeling. Evening in Mersincik Bay, one of the most stunning natural coves around the peninsula.

Day 3 Mersincik - Seven Islands

Early cruise into Gokova Gulf. Enjoy breakfast at one of the picturesque bays en route. Cruise to Seven Islands. The beautiful little outlets and areas in between the islands make for an idyllic setting to anchor down and explore. You may choose to just go for a swim or snorkel along the shores or take your walking shoes with you to go for a wander on the islands. One of the islands known as Kufre, is well worth swimming over to and wandering along its pine clad shores to look for the hidden houses within the forest. Evening around Seven Islands.

Day 4  Seven Islands - Tuzla - Kargili

Set sail towards Tuzla, whic is a wonderful little fisherman’s village that hugs the coast. It is renowned for its epical local delicacies and is a great stopover for trying out new and freshly cooked seafood dishes. The waters are shallow and long, so it attracts many wading birds, in fact one of the reasons this village is so attractive is that it supports a plethora of wildlife that is not found in such concentrations in other places. For the evening, we will set sail to Longoz (Kargili) Bay; another place like paradise, sheltered with huge pine trees. Kargili bay is known for a relaxing atmosphere, it has pine trees that end at the waters edge and the bay area is shelter, providing a tranquil sea. If its total calm you seek, this is the place to visit, and just lie back, enjoy the gentle rock of the yacht as the day goes by.

Day 5  Kargili - Cleopatra Island - Karacasogut

Cruise to Cleopatra Island, where Cleopatra purportedly met Mark Anthony for a lovers' tryst at Cedreae and received the shore as a gift. When she mentioned that it had no sand, Mark Anthony sent his fleet to Alexandria to get some. The Egyptian sand remains at Cedreae to this day, cooled by an ever-faithful breeze, and the spot is as romantic as it was 2000 years ago. The island is a delightful open-air museum which can be visited: the inner area has a Dorian-style temple that Christians later turned into a church, a 1,500-person amphitheater reminiscent of the pre-Roman era, small buildings with domed roofs, cisterns colored red on the inside, and tunnels. Cruise to Karacasogut, a small cozy bay for the evening.

Day 6  Karacasogut - Cokertme - Kissebükkü

Visit Cokertme and Kissebükü (Church) bays. Cokertme has wonderful walking paths through the village and families weave their own carpets. After lunch sail to Kissebükkü Bay and explore the old ruins of a Greek Church are located on the shore. Excellent swimming and snorkeling is possible in this serene bay.

Day 7 Karacasogut - Cokertme - Kissebükkü

After breakfast cruise towards Orak Island for lunch break, relaxation and swimming. Orak Island, which is a perfect spot for snorkeling along the crystal clear waters. Overnight in a bay near Bodrum or in the Bodrum harbor if you wish.

Day 8 Disembarkation in Bodrum

Breakfast and disembarkation in Bodrum with transfer to airport.

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